Whole Home Surge Protector Notice

At Summit Electric safety is our highest priority and we would like to make our customers aware of a potential safety issue that has come to our attention.

Summit Electric has been made aware of an issue regarding the UL status of two popular brands of Whole Home Surge Protection Devices.

According to a report from UL the following  Type 2 Surge Protector products are no longer authorized to bear the UL Mark for the United States:

Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2 and Supco Model SCM150.

The notification (Release No. 16PN-10) issued by UL on July 29, 2016 states that these products may pose a fire hazard.

At this time there has been no recall issued for these products and Summit Electric has not been informed of any fires resulting from the use or installation of the Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2.

Summit Electric has never offered or installed the Supco Model SCM150.

Summit Electric no longer offers or installs the Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2.

We reached out to our vendors and to the product manufacturer to learn more about this matter and will update our customers as we learn more.

Summit Electric will still offer our customers the option to protect their home’s electrical system with a Whole Home Surge Protection Device. We have found another product from a different manufacturer that does currently have a valid UL Mark, excellent specs, and outstanding reviews and endorsements.

Additionally, Summit Electric will be addressing this matter immediately with the following steps:

  1. We will be directly contacting all customers that have purchased a Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2 from Summit Electric to advise them of the UL report.
  2. We will be directly contacting all customers that we are aware of that may have a Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2 or Supco Model SCM150 that was installed by another contractor.
  3. We will be offering all customers discounted pricing for replacement of a Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2 or Supco Model SCM150 whether the product was purchased from Summit Electric or from another contractor.
  4. We will continue to follow up on this matter with our vendors, the manufacturer, and UL to learn more facts about this potential hazard.
  5. We will continue to share our findings with our customers as we receive additional information.

At this time the only reports that we have been made aware of regarding these devices catching fire, overheating, or emitting smoke have been limited to the Supco Model SCM150 and have been associated with installation of these devices on HVAC equipment. We have received no reports of the Sycom Model SYC‑120/240-T2 or other Whole Home Surge Protection Devices that were properly installed to a load center or circuit breaker panel catching fire, emitting smoke, or overheating.

The UL report does not mention any fires resulting from these products, only that they may pose a fire hazard and that they do not comply with UL’s Safety Standards and thus are not authorized to bear the UL Mark for the United States. You can read the updated public notice from UL reissued on June 20, 2019 at the link below:

UL Reissues Warning of Potentially Hazardous Surge Protectors (Release No. 19PN-09)

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