Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed Lighting is a key component of a well-planned and layered lighting design. Also commonly known as can lights or pot lights, recessed can lights are an important part of a great lighting system for your home. Properly selecting and correctly installing the right combination of products for recessed lighting can make a tremendous impact on the overall success of the interior design plan of your home. Choosing the right professional to help you select fixtures and bulbs that work well, both together and with your décor, will help you create the best possible lighting design for your home.

A thoughtfully designed lighting plan for your home will consist of three different kinds of lighting:

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

You can learn more about the different kinds of lighting by visiting the Summit Electric webpage about Lighting Design and Installation.

Recessed Lighting, although sometimes used as Accent Lighting or even in some instances as Task Lighting, is most often used as Ambient Lighting. The foundation of a proper lighting system for your home is Ambient Lighting. Most new construction homes lack proper lighting. The room in which this lack is most apparent is the kitchen. Typical new construction lighting for a kitchen consists of a single fixture, usually a “builder-grade” florescent, roughly centered in the kitchen. In some new homes there may be pendants above the island or even some recessed cans arranged in a symmetrical layout on the ceiling. Even when the builder’s installers do install recessed can lights the fixtures are rarely installed with much thought as to how they will actually function for the user. The recessed lights are often placed without any correlation to where the finished cabinets and appliances will be and the switch locations are sometimes inconvenient.

To properly design and install a lighting plan for your home Summit Electric will first conduct a Lighting Design Consultation. During this meeting we will ask you a few questions about how you plan to use the different spaces in your home, discuss your expectations for a lighting system, and help you discover the great range of possibilities available with state of the industry products that can help you achieve lighting schemes that work in harmony with your budget, your home, and your lifestyle.

Summit Electric has years of experience installing recessed lighting in every possible residential application including everything from simple upgrades of “builder-grade” kitchen lighting, custom new home construction, to high-end renovations of multi-million dollar homes in some of metro-Atlanta’s most exclusive communities for some of Atlanta’s most elite interior designers. We have the right knowledge and hands-on experience to help any homeowner choose the right products and application to enhance the comfort, convenience, and appearance of their home’s interior design with recessed lighting.

Choosing the right products to install for a quality recessed lighting design is only half of the equation. Properly installing recessed light fixtures, circuits, and switching without leaving behind a mess is another important area where it pays to have experienced professionals like Summit Electric performing the installation. With over 15 years of specialized Residential Electrical Service experience with remodel and renovation working with some of Georgia’s top custom builders and designers, Summit Electric has the practical knowledge and experience to install recessed lighting in any home efficiently.

In most cases we can install new recessed lighting in your kitchen without the need for drywall repair or painting.

At Summit Electric we stay on top of industry innovations. We offer the latest, on-trend products with quality and value that is not typically available at the big-box home improvement stores. When you choose Summit Electric to install recessed can lights in your home you will have the peace of mind knowing that we have offered you solutions that feature the newest, most energy-efficient, and best quality lights available on the market today. During your Lighting Design Consultation we will explain to you the different metrics used to measure and evaluate lighting quality such as color temperature, CRI, and Lumen Rating. We will also take the time to answer all of your questions and to ask you the right questions to ensure that we help you to design the right lighting system for your home, your needs, and your budget.

We offer recessed lighting options in the industry standard sizes of six inch, five inch, and four inch recessed lighting fixtures. Other sizes are available. However, we have found that most of our customers can find the right solution to the lighting needs of their home within these three standard sizes. Summit Electric also has the right tools and experience to install your new recessed lights without making a mess in your home. We use dust-free hole saws. Summit Electric will also cover your floors and furniture with plastic and drop cloths to minimize and contain any dust created during the installation process.

Our standard recessed lighting package typically features a six inch air-tight IC-rated recessed can and an all metal, one-piece, white baffle trim. We choose the six inch recessed can because of it’s widespread availability and great value to the consumer. The six inch cans usually match the size and appearance of any existing recessed lighting in a home and offer the widest range of trim/bulb combinations. We provide all metal trims because they look better and last longer than two-piece plastic trims which turn yellow with age. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the cost savings and energy efficiency offered by choosing LED lamps, but we are happy to provide incandescent lamps for customers that are looking to keep initial installation costs to a minimum.

In addition to different combinations of recessed light fixtures, trims, and bulbs we also offer different ways to control your new recessed lights. Sometimes the existing switching in a home was not installed with much thought to how the space would actually be uses and just does not make sense. In other cases the addition of new recessed can lights just does not work well with the existing switch layout. Whatever the case may be Summit Electric believes that light switching should be designed with ergonomic function that will allow you to control your lights in an intuitive manner. When you enter a room you should not have to think about how to turn on the lights, the switching should just make logical sense. This is another area in which our direct experience working exclusively on residential remodel projects allows Summit Electric to help you get the most from your lighting system.

We offer a complete range of lighting control options all the way from standard switches, to dimmers, to WiFi-enabled controls that work with other components of your Smart Home and allow you to program and control your lights with you smart phone from nearly anywhere in the world.

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Recessed Lighting Installation