Electrical Repairs And Troubleshooting

Are there problems with the electrical system in your home?

Electrical Repairs are part of owning a home. Sometimes there are minor problems like a faulty switch or an outlet that doesn’t work. Often these issues that seem like minor problems may be a symptom of something more serious.

Who can perform Electrical Repairs safely?

At Summit Electric LLC we always recommend hiring a Licensed Electrical Contractor to correctly diagnose and safely repair Electrical Problems. Only a Licensed Electrician will have the necessary training, tools, knowledge, and experience needed to correctly identify the cause of the problem in your home’s electrical system. And only a Licensed Electrician will have the proper licensing and insurance that will give you the peace of mind knowing that the repairs have been done safely.

Changes are made to the National Electrical Code nearly every year. Many of these changes are the result of new technology that has allowed the production of safer parts and materials that are required by code. Your Licensed Electrician from Summit Electric is required to attend state-approved continuing education classes every year to maintain their Georgia Electrical Contractor License. By regularly attending continuing education you can be assured that when you choose to hire Summit Electric to perform Electrical Repairs in your home your Licensed Electrician is up to date on current codes and the latest technology to keep your home and family safe.

How much do Electrical Repairs cost?

That depends on many factors. If the the problem is easy to diagnose and the repair does not require many new parts then the cost may be relatively low. If the problem is more complex and requires extensive troubleshooting or a great deal of parts and materials the repair may be a greater investment. Either way, Summit Electric will always provide our customers with guaranteed upfront pricing so you will know exactly what the repair will cost before the work is started.

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