Electrical Safety-Is Your Home Safe?

Electrical Safety. Is Your Home Safe?

At Summit Electric LLC Electrical Safety is very important. The safety of our customers, their families, and their homes are our highest priorities. We make every effort to ensure that while we are working in your home that the work area will be free of hazards, especially exposed and energized wiring. And once the repair or project is complete we make certain that the work are is cleaned up and that the finished product is code compliant and safe.

Working with electricity can be potentially dangerous. That’s one of the many reasons why your Licensed Electrician from Summit Electric LLC will use only the correct tools for the job to ensure that any work that we do in your home is performed in a safe manner. We have years of experience working with electrical systems and one of the requirements to maintain our state licensing is to attend continuing education classes every year so we always stay current on the latest developments in Electrical Safety.

Our commitment to Electrical Safety goes beyond the repairs and projects that we do. With so many years of experience specializing only in residential electrical service we have seen a shocking amount of unsafe and dangerous electrical work. Sometimes this unsafe work is simply the result of well-worn parts that have reached the end of their expected service life. In some cases dangerous electrical work can be the result of someone attempting a Do-It-Yourself project beyond their skill level or experience. And we often find code violations and dangerous wiring that has been installed by unlicensed “contractors” who unlawfully perform electrical work without proper state licensing or insurance. In many cases this kind of work may have been done by a previous homeowner. Anytime that we discover unsafe or dangerous electrical work in your home we will document our findings and provide you with a clear explanation of what was found, why it is not safe, and what options you can choose from to make safe repairs.

Additionally, as technology improves and as industry experts study and analyze data the code requirements for electrical work are updated regularly. The NEC or National Electrical Code has been adopted and is enforced in all 50 states. The NEC is the benchmark for safety of electrical design,inspection, and installation. It’s purpose is to provide a minimum set of standards to protect people and property from the dangers of electrical hazards like shock, electrocution, and fire. Some recent changes to the NEC include the addition of requirements for Arc Fault protection or AFCI’s as a fire safety device and the requirements for Tamper-Resistant or TR devices to protect children.

Does these changes and updates to the NEC mean that you are required to upgrade the electrical system in your home?

No, in most cases you are not required to make upgrades to an existing system as long as the existing system is not damaged or altered. However, in many instances the NEC and/or the local building department may have requirements in place that require safety-related upgrades when a remodel or renovation project is done or when certain repairs or additions are done to an existing electrical system. Your Licensed Electrician knows what these codes are and when they are applicable. If there is a change to the code that requires making safety-related upgrades to your electrical system to complete your project or repair Summit Electric LLC will clearly explain the requirements, provide code references for your verification, and provide you guaranteed pricing to complete the work safely.

Sometimes while working on an unrelated repair or project your Licensed Electrician may observe other electrical safety concerns in your home. This is especially common in older homes that have been remodeled or renovated previously. It is also very common to find electrical safety concerns and code violations in finished basements or additions that may have been done without proper permits, licensing, or inspections. When these kinds of hazards are discovered it is our responsibility as Licensed Electricians to inform the customer of the danger and ways to safely repair the problems.

We want the electrical system in your home to be as safe as possible. As Licensed Electricians we are professionals and electrical service is how we earn our living. However, we will never compromise your electrical safety just to make money. If a project or repair is not safe or not compliant with the requirements of the NEC we will not do it. Period.

If you have any questions about electrical safety in your home please contact Summit Electric TODAY.

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety. Is Your Home Safe?