Your Buford Licensed Electrician

Summit Electric wants to be your Buford Licensed Electrician.

We are now offering Residential Electrical Service in the areas and communities surrounding Buford, GA. And we want to be your Buford Licensed Electrician.

Why Choose Summit Electric as your Buford Licensed Electrician?

Summit Electric has over 15 years of experience in Residential Electrical Service.

We have the right tools, the right training, and we use the right parts to provide a quality installation that will be safe and perform to your expectations.

All of our work is guaranteed to meet or exceed NEC requirements and local code amendments.

Why is it important to choose a Licensed Electrician?

Choosing a Licensed Electrician helps to ensure that the electrical work in your home will be done safely and professionally. Licensed Electricians must have years of verified work experience before they are even allowed to apply to take the Georgia Electrical Contractor License exam. By passing this exam and receiving a license, your Licensed Electrician has proven that they know the proper electrical theory and electrical code requirements to work as a professional electrician in the State of Georgia. An Electrical Contractor License is a necessary requirement to obtain proper insurance coverage to perform electrical work. It is also required to have Electrical Contractor License to pull a trade permit for electrical projects. Anyone doing electrical work in your home should have proper licensing and insurance. It is also important to make sure that when electrical work requires a permit, that the person doing the work is eligible to be issued the correct permit.

New customers often ask why they should hire a Licensed Electrician rather than just save some money and hire a “handy man” to do the electrical work. Hiring someone without proper licensing and insurance to do electrical work in your home can be a danger to your safety and your wallet. If someone does not have an Electrical Contractor License then it is very unlikely that they have a working knowledge of electrical codes and electrical safety. This means that they are likely to cut corners and use the wrong parts, which can be dangerous. Without a license it is impossible to get proper insurance coverage for electrical work. So if something goes wrong with unlicensed electrical work the homeowner usually bears the expense and liability of repairs. Why would you trust the safety of the electrical system in your home to anyone other than your Licensed Buford Electrician?

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Summit Electric is your Buford Electrician.
Summit Electric- Buford Licensed Electrician

Summit Electric- Buford Licensed Electrician

Summit Electric- Buford Licensed Electrician

Summit Electric- Buford Licensed Electrician

Summit Electric- Buford Licensed Electrician

Summit Electric- Buford Licensed Electrician



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Summit Electric LLC is a member of the Buford Business Alliance

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